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A Warm Hearth After A Winter Walk!

The first sharp morning chill draws the breath of the Cape Codder, so long immersed in the gentle warmth of summer. The comfortably warm days of early fall give way to the chill of November and the dark days that precede the end of the year. 

We here on the Cape know all too well that the fields and forests are more apt to sparkle with a cold wet rain than don a blanket of snow. The chill is a damp one that sinks deep into clothing. It’s comforting to think that at the end of a long walk through the gray woods a warm fire awaits us crackling merrily on the hearth. Perhaps a good book with well-worn pages sitting on the table, ready for an evening of reading and warmth. 

This time of year, despite the early sunset, is the time of lights. Lights bedeck trees along the road and line rooflines. They meander around bushes and climb flagpoles on village greens. Even with the cold of the air of the late year, it’s worth it to put down the book temporarily and head out of doors on a winter night to admire the community light up in December. 

John H. Hough

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