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Summer’s Warm Sun Continues Well Into Autumn…

The delicate chill that accompanies the fall is not yet here. Summer holds sway for weeks longer and our gardens continue to produce a bounty, for those of us who remembered in this later season. We know winter, that damp, chill gray Cape season, peeks coyly at us from around a distant corner and will need to be approached. For now we can still bask in the warmth, despite the shorter hours of sunlight.

 It isn’t too late to complete those tasks you set out to accomplish while winter melted into spring and summer. The heat of July behind us, the out-of-doors takes on a true pleasantness that is wonderful to behold.

 Added to this season of comfortable weather are the diminished crowds, yellow school buses replacing the behemoth tour buses of summer. Getting to the hardware store no longer involves the same level of planning and patience. Swimming after a hard day’s work on the home is still available, especially for those intrepid few who continue to swim through October.

 This year as you bustle through the end of the to-do list before the stringing of lights and purchasing of rock salt appears on it, take some time to admire the history and beauty of the Cape.

John H. Hough

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